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6 Interesting Facts About Sneakers

A sense of comfort and fashion have always blended for sneakers as they manage to create magic. Due to these factors and a bunch of others, sneakers turned out to be a sensation, and everyone wants to get their hands on one. But apart from these factors, have you heard about specific facts about sneakers? Revolving around numerous aspects of the product, these facts will help you paint the right picture. So without further ado, go ahead and read some of the most interesting facts about sneakers.

1. Jerry Seinfeld's Collection

American comedian Jerry Seinfeld is known to have a vast collection of mind-condition white sneakers. Yes, that's right. The writer and lead star of the hit sitcom, "Seinfeld" owns around 50 pairs of the same. Considering his net worth, one need not be surprised about his positions or the many products that he owns.

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2. The Best-Selling Sneakers

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars first marketed itself in 1917 and is known to be the best-selling sneakers of all time. The product gained this title after it sold around 600 million pairs.

3. Michael Jordan and Adidas

In the year 1984, Michael Jordan wanted to sign and enter into a deal with Adidas and not Nike. Since Jordan was fond of Adidas and their products, he was described as an "Adidas Nut". As a result, he informed his agent that if the deal were close, he would be happy to sign them. Check out here to know more about sneakers.

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4. Carolyn Davidson and the Nike Swoosh

A lot of individuals might not know who Carolyn Davidson is because not a lot of information is being circulated about this Portland State University Graphic Design student. So to fill your minds with facts, you need to know that it was Carolyn who designed the Nike Swoosh in 1971. Although she was initially paid a fee of $35, in 1983, Nike decided to raise the bar and went ahead to give her stocks of the company along with a diamond ring that featured the Swoosh.

5. Sneaking Around

Based on a report by The New York Times, during the late 1800s, people began to use the word sneakers, as the rubber sole helped these individuals to sneak around without making a sound.

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6. Nike and Adidas's Viewing Boxes

Sneaker companies, Nike and Adidas, own viewing boxes at some of the most significant sporting events in the U.S. From the U.S. Open to the NBA Finals, they tend to hold their ownership. But the central aspect of attention begins when you step into their box wearing the competitors brand. If you do so, you may be asked to go barefoot or even offered a bunch of other shoes as a form of exchange.