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Awesome Photography Facts We Bet You Didn't Know

There are several facts about photography that are as interesting as they are weird. Here are a few of those facts which we bet you did not know.

The Largest Camera Collection Has 4425 Cameras

The owner of this prestigious collection is Dilish Parekh. He lives in Mumbai and used to work as a photojournalist. At 4425 cameras, he owns the largest camera collection in the world.

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The First Picture of A Person Was A Pure Accident

The first picture of a man was taken in 1828 by pure accident. The photographer, Louis Daguerre, was planning to take an image of the Boulevard du Temple in Paris. However, since the cameras were so primitive at the time and had an exposure time of 7 minutes a man walking nearby was also captured with the building. Check out Vivid Snaps SG to know more facts about photography.

The First Digital Camera

  • Steve Sasson was the first person to invent the digital camera. It was invented in 1975 and was developed by Sasson for Eastman Kodak.
  • The first digital camera was very heavy weighing in at 3.6 kilograms and only had a resolution of 0.01 MP. Compared to modern DSLR cameras, which weigh not more than 1 kilogram on average.
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Number of Photographs Taken

We do not have an exact number as to the number of photographs taken in a day, but it is estimated that there are at least 1 trillion photographs taken using DSLRs and smartphone cameras in one year. 95 million photographs are uploaded on Instagram every year on average, with Facebook having 2300 million photographs being uploaded per year.

The First Colour Photograph

The person who created the process for processing a coloured image became the first person to shoot a coloured photograph. His name is Thomas Sutton and he took the first coloured photograph as early as 1861. Sutton was not just a great photographer, but an inventor as well; pioneering the creation of the SLR camera, colour filters for photography and wide angle lenses to make panoramic photographs.

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Dangerous Flashes

One of the earliest most dangerous photography accessories was the flash. In the beginning of photography, to simulate extra light, a powder of aluminium and potassium chloride was ignited. This, if not mixed properly, would lead to violent explosions.

The Most Expensive Photograph

In 1999, photographer Andreas Gursky made history by selling a photograph for a whopping $4,338,500 and is still the most expensive photograph ever sold. It was captured in 1999, and is called the Rhien II.