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Fun Facts about Wine

  • The natural chemical balance of grapes enables it to be fermented without adding sugars, enzymes, acids or water.
  • Vietnam serves a special glass of wine called cobra wine where the rice-vine is served covered with freshly killed snake blood.
  • Fear of wine is known as ‘oenophobia’.
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  • The typical dark green coloured wine bottle was invented in England by Sir Kenelm Digby. Before that, wine was stored in bags made of goatskin.
  • The term wine ‘tasting’ is somewhat incorrect because when it comes to drinking wine, the smell is the most important sense that we use.
  • The tradition of bumping glasses and saying ‘cheers’ is derived from the old Roman empire.
  • The bubbles that are visible in wine were attributed to evil spirits or phases of the moon in ancient Greece. Check out this website to know more facts about wine.
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  • The average age of a French oak tree that is used in making wine barrels in 170 years.
  • Around 400 different species of oak trees are used to make wine barrels.
  • A study in Australia once concluded that women who drink two glasses of wine a day tend to get more pleasure from sex than women who don’t drink at all.
  • There are around 10,000 types of wine grapes in the world.
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  • The signing of the Declaration of Independence was celebrated with glasses of Madeira.
  • President Abraham Lincoln held a liquor license back in his days in Salem.
  • A person who constantly talks about the wine he/she will open but never actually does is called ‘cork-tease’.
  • Wine offers several health benefits. However, it also slightly increases the risk of contracting certain kinds of cancer in the digestive tract.
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  • European wines are mostly named after their geographic location. On the other hand, wines that do not come from Europe are named after the grape variety from which they are derived.
  • In medieval times, churches, monasteries, hospitals and universities derived a lot of their income from wines.
  • The grapes in the Southern Hemisphere are picked during what is Spring in Northern Hemisphere. This means that an Australian 2010 wine could be six months older than any other 2010 wine.
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  • China has growingly become one of the leading markets for red wine. This is not just because of its flavour. But, because the colour red is highly favoured by the government and is also considered lucky.
  • Ancient Romans had a notion that the seasoning was more important than the main flavour of the wine. Therefore, they often added seasonings such as garlic, fermented fish sauce etc. to the wine.