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The Different Types of Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery might be new to some people, but yes it exists. The procedure is generally followed by people with saggy eye bags or excess skin or fat around the eyes. It occurs naturally for many as a consequence of ageing, and many it appears due to hereditary. In such cases, it is inevitable to perform a surgery if your priority is to look young again. The process of eyelid surgery, rejuvenates your eyes, by getting rid of your evergreen tired and dull face.

The eyelid tissues are sensitive and differ from one person to another. This is the reason; eyelid surgery procedures are often a customizable one. Depending on the cause and underlying conditions, our surgeon will suggest the right method.

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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

This surgery is not performed due to medical conditions, but to aesthetically improve the appearance of the eyes and reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes. A person starts becoming old. The fat cells start depositing under the eyes, and the skin expands, leaving you looking much older than you are. This procedure helps you gain back the youthful look.

Functional Eyelid Surgery

As the name suggests, this type of procedure is used to treat various medical conditions like :

  • Sometimes the loose skin under a person's eye, which can cause due to age can impair eyesight. This procedure is conducted to fix the ailment.
  •  Baggy eyelids can prevent from wearing contact lenses. Hence the surgery fixes this problem as well.
  • Sometimes the muscles have to put in extra work to blink, which strains the eyelids and results in eye pain. Performing this surgery can help fix the issue.
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Upper Blepharoplasty

The upper eyelids in some individuals appear to be huddled, making them look sleepy all the time. This procedure is done to get rid of the excess fat in that area. An incision in the upper eyelid removes excess fat. Check out Banobagi to know more about the different types of Eyelid Surgery.

Lower Blepharoplasty

Similar to the Upper Blepharoplasty, this procedure is done to the lower lids. Excess fat is removed from the smaller eyelid area, to remove bagginess and dark circles. Not only that, but it also provides a well defined contoured finish to your face.

Ptosis Repair Surgery

Upper eyelid muscles usually lose their charm as you get older. This surgery removes excess fat and realigns the muscles, to have a better and younger-looking eye.

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Due to age factors or hereditary, the corners of your eyes start folding, so much that it sometimes impairs the vision. Hence, Epicanthoplasty is a procedure that is conducted, with blepharoplasty to get rid of the fold. This not only gets rid o the problem area but also widens the eye to impart a better and focused vision.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a lot of eyelid surgical procedures that aid people in various ways. Like mentioned above, it is customizable according to the patients' conditions. Sometimes, surgeons can combine two or come methods to get "the look" required. Whatever the case may be, it is always better to consult a professional and experienced surgeon before you undertake the procedure.