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Video Games are actually good for you

Ever since childhood, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, I am sure video games have played a notable role in your life. They give you an unlimited amount of entertainment. If you play them within limits, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Below I have listed out a couple of reasons why games are indeed very good for you.

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They help you with your problem-solving skills. A very tough epic boss battle can surely make you think a lot and also all the ways you can kill the boss of the game. You actually tend to use your head and also your problem-solving capabilities to devise some strategies to beat the boss. Unless you are a genius, you will surely not succeed at beating the main boss villain the first time, after the second time you will start giving it a lot of thought.

It enhances our creativity levels. Children, especially have shown signs for being incredibly creative after having played a couple of video games.

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Games have also been known to improve our moods, fade out our anxiety and also give us a sense of relaxation. Something that all of us need is something that can help with our moods. If you are frustrated or even angry play a game that would calm your nerves, if you to let out some steam, play a game where you can cause destruction, a game where you can let out all your anger. This can be considered as a good form of release. This can instantly improve your mood.

Games can actually help you become social. Not all gamers are guys in their basements. Studies have shown that they can make you social. 70% of all gamers play with people outside the internet, which means they have game buddies. Check out this website to know more about video games.

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Games actually help in stimulating the growth of new neurons. This is something that was considered impossible. Grey matter is an indicator of intelligence in the brain and gaming actually helps with neurogenesis.

Games also help you make some fast decisions and also help you think quick. Games also help you analyze situations quickly and help you make more intelligent decisions depending on the situation. Anyone and everyone who has played a game that is fast paced can definitely relate to this. These games require quick reflexes. They are also sweat inducing, finger biting and fast-paced in nature.

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Games surely make you persevere. The “I am going to get back at you for killing me in the game” way of thinking. Or the “I am going to kill you, villain of the game” even after they have beaten you for the 10th time, you don’t give up. Games induce this feeling in you, and that’s good.